Garden Inspiration: Local Nature as a Guide

Garden Inspiration: Local Nature as a Guide

Janel Laban
Jul 15, 2008

can you name this plant? seen on Angel Island

We're constantly gathering inspiration for own large backyard. As amateur gardeners and with an eye towards conserving water, we're especially keen on easy, low maintenance and sustainable ideas. Some of our favorite gathering spots for this type of inspiration are the local parks and nature trails. This past weekend we collected ideas in the Bay Area from Angel Island but other favorites include Joaquin Miller Redwood Park and the Mills College campus...any favorite spots on your list?

we'd love this for our backyard but don't know what it is, help?

juniper bush on Angel Island

redwoods at Joaquin Miller

There's nothing like seeing how it happens in nature, eh?

Orginally posted by Shayna on AT:SF.

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