Garden-Inspired St. Patrick's Day Ideas

The Gardenist

Did someone say that there is another big snowstorm on the way for the Northeast?!? (Please no, I can't bear it anymore!!) I'm so green deprived and desperate for spring that I'm actually going to make an effort for St. Patrick's Day. This is way out of character for me, having grown up in a German family in the midwest, but I live in Boston now, and things are different here. And regardless of my roots, I need green, and St. Patrick's is as good an excuse as any.

I'm not down with face paining or outlandish shirts that ask strangers to kiss you (not my thing), so instead I am opting to try a few more subtle activities.

Have you ever tried to grow sprouts on a sponge? Yeah, me neither. This project at Housing a Forest (which takes it one step further and uses a green sponge that is cut into the shape of a shamrock) is something that I want to try not just for the St. Patty's day novelty, but also perhaps as a year-round windowsill source of salad toppings.

The garden centers are filled with various varieties of clover right now. For growing, I am somewhat partial to the purple ones (obviously, not very Irish of me), but I love this idea from The Merrythought to use the green ones in festive ice cubes.

I've got to get outside (even though the snow is still over my boots) and begin my spring pruning. I am on the lookout for some great inspiration for making pretty green and gold nosegays out of the boxwood cuttings — I'm thinking to hang them around the house from our door knobs. (Ideas welcome!)

These painted pots in with gold details (above) are a charming way to spread some early spring cheer. Fill them will clover, moss, ivy, or anything else that you can find that is green.

And lastly — though it's not garden-y I am thinking to make this pretty green garland with my kids (those girls at The Merrythought are killing it on the cool St. Patty's day ideas). It seems like a decoration that will happily suit me well past next Monday — maybe even until the ground outside actually turns green.

(Image credits: The Merrythought; Housing a Forest; The Merrythought; The Merrythought)