Everlasting Buds: Sewn Flowers by Cocon

Flowers are popping up outdoors — I have two vases full at home, and I'm still hoping to find one of these lovely versions by Cocon in my Easter basket. After all, it's hard to get enough flowers in the Spring, even if some of them are faux.

The flowers, sewn by artist Akatsuka Masami for her label Cocon, are pretty and minimal. They'd look great in a grouping on a mantel, placed on a stack of neutral-toned books, or in a modern, clean-lined nursery.

See the full line at Cocon.

Images: Cocon.

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Kathleen is a freelance editor who lives in Chicago. She loves eclectic rooms, traveling with her family, and feeding anyone who steps foot in her house. She theoretically hates clutter, but can’t stop buying books and craft supplies.