Garden Resource: Sharing Backyards DC

Garden Resource: Sharing Backyards DC

Lindsey Roberts
Mar 3, 2009

We would like to grow our own yummy carrots, tomatoes and herbs and participate in the growing modern-day victory garden movement, but we live in the urban landscape of the District — picture apartment buildings surrounded by blocks and blocks of concrete. A new resource we found allows us to use someone else's garden to grow our own veggies.

Sharing Backyards DC has an interactive map that shows you where there are gardens you can use, and where people are who are looking for gardens. According to Sharing Backyards, 40 percent of North Americans do not live in single detached housing with yard space, and 60 percent who do have access to land in the cities don't use it.

If you are looking for a place to plant your seeds, click on the garden image on the map for contact information, or add your contact information to a place on the map. If you want to share your garden you should consider when you would like to make your land available, if you have tools to share, who will provide seeds and care for the soil and if you want to allow access to locks and gates, among other things.

The snow is on the ground for now, but won't be forever! We'll be sweating in the humid days of August before you know it and enjoying the bounty of summer gardens.

For help and more info, email Sharing Backyards.

(Image: Doug Kapustin, Baltimore Sun)

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