Garden Tour: Year-Round Designs of Piet Oudolf

Garden Tour: Year-Round Designs of Piet Oudolf

Aaron Able
Jan 31, 2008

Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf embraces the complete life-cycle of plants. His style of gardening focuses on the plants' structure and skeletal forms over their color. His unique focus on year-round gardens inspired the New Wave Planting movement. In New York, Mr Oudolf was commissioned to design the garden for the High Line rail bed - the perfect place to showcase his talents. This is a collection of images from his 1850s Farmhouse in The Netherlands, where Oudolf puts his theories into practice...

Check out his full story here: A Landscape in Winter, Dying Heroically with the accompanying slideshow. We can't wait to see the High Line work!

(Pics: Herman Wouters)

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