Gardening for Kids

Gardening for Kids

Mar 19, 2007

How do apartment kids learn about gardening? AeroGardens are both a practical and fun way to teach kids about where food comes from...namely, that produce doesn't just magically appear in artfully arranged piles at Whole Foods.

Without the convenience of a backyard garden, teaching kids about where food comes from can be tough, which is one reason why we love this apartment-sized growing system. But we would be lying if we said it was the only reason.

Fresh strawberries out of season, is another! And it is kind of like having a really delicious science project in the kitchen, given its 'Smart' garden micro-processor, which (allegedly) automatically adjusts nutrient delivery, light cycles and water flow for specific plant types.

Did we mention the out of season strawberries? But aside from that, we like the idea of teaching children how to nurture a little bit of nature, contained in a small (and conveniently dirtless) space. $149.95 for either the black or white AeroGarden.

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