I stumbled on the idea of using tea tins for a mini container garden the other day when looking around for an attractive option that would fit on my windowsill. Perusing Pinterest later I found that plenty of people have had the same thought with great results. 

The concept is pretty simple, it's a great way to recycle pretty tins that usually get tossed out and is a perfectly fitting addition to a kitchen windowsill. 

It works best if you use plants that won't outgrow their container to quickly, like herbs and if you don't plan to punch holes in the tins for drainage. It's a good idea to fill the bottom with small pebbles before planting.

(Images 1. Fotofornelli, 2. House and Home via Duke of Design, 3. Smile and Wave,  4. The Urban Hippie, 5. Michael Graydon for Canadian House and Home)