GardenWatch: It Begins

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Behold our glorious garden. Well, it's not so glorious yet, but with a bit of help from our readers and some hard work on our behalf, we're pretty sure we can turn it around. The main problem right now, aside from a lack of water, is that we have more confidence than experience. In fact, we are total gardening novices. We need help.

Here are the key facts:

  • We are inclined towards a productive garden, but it is a bit late in the year.

  • We're in Berkeley, California, so we think we can still get a crop of plum tomatoes, beans, and zucchini if we act fast, and we're going to throw in some chili peppers just to see what happens.

  • South is to the right. The area of grass that looks totally fried gets sun pretty much all day.

There is a drought in California right now, so we'll be doing some research into drip irrigation. We're also thinking of volunteering to put in a couple of less expensive dual flush toilets in order to spend our conservation on water for the garden. Any ideas for edible plants that don´t require tremendous amounts of water? How would you make this patch of ground beautiful, productive, and green?