Garment Dyed Linen Bedding

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.13.13

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Garment Dyed Linen Bedding

• from $40 - on sale now
Restoration Hardware

Late to the office this morning after visiting my daughter's school, I had a lot of ideas for todays daily find, BUT when my officemate asked for a linen sheet recommendation, I jumped on it. Linen sheets are super comfortable and have come back into style of late. They are also usually all very expensive compared to regular cotton sheets. While I love Matteo, Eileen Fisher for Garnet Hill, Libeco and RoughLinen, for price right now, you can't beat Resto. They seem to have broken Belgian knuckles to get the price down. While they have a lot of linen sheets, I like the Garment Dyed which is on partial sale right now. If you're ready to make your bed crazy comfortable for Valentine's day, this is a great place to start.

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