GE Profile Advantium

GE Profile Advantium

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 26, 2007

We first saw this oven on the Oprah show featuring AT's very own Maxwell and family. At first glance it seemed strange that the newly renovated kitchen only had a microwave and fridge. The space was small, but surely there could have been a way to incorporate an oven and microwave into the new kitchen. It turns out they actually did.

The GE Profile Advantium is a traditional and convection oven combined with a microwave, all in a package that fits in the same space as a typical over the range microwave. Perfect for smaller kitchens or situations where the space taken up by a range could be better used for a dishwasher or additional storage.

We like the attention to detail like the rounded rear wall to allow for full rotation of larger dishes but are skeptical of the usefulness of the pre-programmed "speed cook" recipes. The nice thing about the speed cook feature however, is that you can add up to 30 of your own recipes into the oven so cooking your world famous casserole simply means a couple of button presses and throwing the dish into the oven.


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