Geek Chic Design: Where Do You Draw The Line?

Geek Chic Design: Where Do You Draw The Line?

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 30, 2012

I am the first person to admit to my geeky tendencies. In general, when it comes to home decor however, most geek chic items are either cutesy crafty (which have their rightful place) or just over the top wow. A simple sampler cross stich? Sure. A entire USS Enterprise coffee table? Eeeh — does quality craftsmanship allow us to overlook the giant nerd or Tardis cat fort in the room?

In my own life, I'm rather surrounded by nerd and geek culture. Although it used to have a more high school feel to it, things have classed up a bit and I'm more selective with what I now choose to bring into my home. For instance, an R2D2 16" toy might be cool, but would it be cooler painted all gold? Does it become better in sync with the decor because the shape is so recognizable it can in fact hold it's own?

That said, I don't go around camouflaging things and I'm trying my hardest to not geek out all over the place about the coffee table pictured above. It's just so darn pretty it's hard to dislike it. What are your thoughts on this new wave of crafty and artisnal geek chic products indented for use and true display in the home? Share your thought!

Have you seen an exceptionally geeky craft, piece of artwork or furniture lately? Leave us a link in the comments below!

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(Images: Craftzine, Geekologie)

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