Geek Chic: DIY Pixelated "Zelda" Fireplace

Our Nerd Home

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Living in the South, there's not much need to light a fire to keep warm. Instead, fireplaces here are coveted as a focal feature, something to anchor a sitting room. Still, it feels like something's missing when idle fireplaces (or those closed off by landlords) are left empty. Whether vacant by choice or by chance, I love this geeky idea for decorating an unused hearth.

It turns out simulated fire can be just as good as the real thing. Inspired by classic video game The Legend of Zelda, Kat & Cam of Our Nerd Home created this DIY art piece for their fireplace.

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The inspiration: The original The Legend of Zelda.

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It's done with squares punched from paint chips. With a uniform shaped hole punch, creating pixel art for the fireplace—or anywhere else—is foolproof. Just punch, glue and admire your handiwork.

More info and images: Our Nerd Home

For those who would rather B-U-Y than DIY, there's this canvas print of the 8-bit Zelda fire, perfectly sized for a fireplace, from Etsy seller JamesBit.

(Images: Our Nerd Home, Nintendo)