Geek Doormat: Slide to Unlock Your iDoor

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Addicted to the iPhone? Want to let all your guests know about it before they even step a foot in your house? This doormat we spotted on OhGizmo! is designed to look just like the iPhone's distinct 'unlock' slider and is sure to let all your friends know this is an Apple house! If you're really inclined to irritate house guests, make them wipe their shoes on it as if they were sliding their fingertip on the touchscreen version.

Pick up this washable rubber doormat from the Meninos Store for $50.

It is a little pricey, but it will pay for itself in the laughter of your guests as they make fun of you. What? Laughs aren't recognized as currency? They're not even worth anything? Well then Monsters, Inc. lied to me and you're just out 50 bucks, I guess.

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For the same price and at the same place, true Mac addicts with multiple entryways can get a Command-O (Open) doormat, too.

Via OhGizmo!

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