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Best of 2012

When I was looking back at the year's archive of parenting posts one theme kept coming up again and again: gender. Our readers are a pretty progressive bunch and much of the discussion through the year was a reaction against marketing and media images portraying children in stereotypical gender roles. We also talked about breaking out of these stereotypes in our own homes.

Pink Quandaries: What Color to Paint a Toy Mower?
Solitary Man: Reflections of a Lone Dad at Playgroup
LEGO Friends: Yay or Nay?
Girlie-Girl Culture At Home
GoldieBlox: Encouraging Girls to Embrace Engineering
Swedish Toy Catalog Aims for Gender Neutral Imagery
Happy 40th, Free To Be You And Me!
Roominate: A Design Toy for Girls
Children's Design Clichés & Self-Fulfilling Prophecies
Going Gender Neutral: Kids' Twin Bedding

Welcome to Apartment Therapy's Best of 2012 roundup! From December 19 through January 1 we are rounding up our favorite (and your favorite) posts from the past year.

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