Get a Classic Black & White Checkered Floor on Any Budget

There's a reason that black and white checkered floors pop up again and again, and that's because they're so versatile, straddling the line between casual and elegant, or classic and modern. They can look retro, Parisian, kitschy or crisp. They are also possible with a wide range of budgets.

VINYL TILES: Shown above. Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff revealed her remodeled kitchen, which included these VCT (vinyl composite tiles) on the floor. Made of compressed vinyl chips, this stuff is durable and easy to install, which makes it great for lots of foot traffic. ESTIMATED COST: $2.00 - 5.00 per square foot.

MARBLE TILE: Joanna Lavén and David Wahlgren's foyer from Elle Decor, which features classic black and white marble tiles. ESTIMATED COST: $10 to $20 per square foot.

PAINTED HARDWOOD: Birgit Morgenstern's hardwood entryway was painted in black and white checks, as seen on Oh What a Room. ESTIMATED COST: $1.00 - 3.00 per square foot.

GET LUCKY: Daniel & Mercedes' loft had its original checkerboard floor when they moved into the former Federal Reserve building in Los Angeles. ESTIMATED COST: Depends on your rent!

CERAMIC TILE: Ana and Christian's ceramic checkerboard floor popped up the Marion House Book blog. ESTIMATED COST: $5-12 per square foot.

GLAZED ARTISAN CERAMIC TILE: This bathroom, from Nelson: Oneill Architects (via Houzz), used square glazed ceramic tiles. ESTIMATED COST: $20.00 - 50.00 per square foot.

LIMESTONE TILE: Alice Lane Home Collection designed this French-style pantry using limestone tiles from Daltile. ESTIMATED COST: $15 - 30 per square foot.

Sri's Amsterdam kitchen's tile appears to have linoleum sheet floor with a smaller square pattern. ESTIMATED COST: $3.00 - 5.00 per square foot.

GLASS TILE: The floor-rated glass tiles used in this white kitchen by Case Design and Remodeling of San Jose (via Houzz) have a reflective quality not seen with the other floors. ESTIMATED COST: $10 - 20 per square foot.

(Image credits: The Art of Doing Stuff; Elle Decor; Oh What a Room; Bethany Nauert; Marion House Book; NONA via Houzz; Alice Lane Home Collection; Breanne Johnsen; Case Design & Remodeling)