What's the antidote to a polar vortex? Flowers. Stumbling across one of these photos on Etsy yesterday sent me looking for more. Here are 10 long-lasting blooms to bring home.

1. Flower Photography No. 88242 by Kari Herer, $30
2. The Garden Collection - White by Sugartowne, $25
3. Foxglove photo by Scarlett Ella Photography, $30
4. Yellow ranunculus photo by LupenGrainne, $30
5. Poppy photo by Sherman Photography, $20

6. Cherry blossom photo by Alicia Bock, $35
7. Alexander's Daffodils by The Jonathan Galleries, $25
8. Peony photography by Kimberly Blok, $30
9. Large flowering tree print by Knena Nicole, $68
10. Pink ranunculus photo by The Paris Print Shop, $28

(Images: As linked above)