Get An At-Home Sonogram With A Smartphone (Kinda)

Have you ever wanted to check in on the bun in your oven on the go — or at least from the comfort of your own home? There's an app for that. No really. There is.

Named the mobiUS, the smart-phone based imaging device isn't actually intended to be used by parents on their own. It was developed for medical professionals to use, especially in countries where large swaths of the population don't have access to modern medical equipment or for emergency responders. But we think it's an interesting peek into a possible future of medical apps like this for personal use.

The other catch is that the unit only hooks to one specific phone that's already two years old. You can check out more details on the model of phone needed over at OhGizmo and from the product's makers, MobiSante.

(Image: MobiSante)

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