Tune In from Anywhere: Fashion Week Goes Digital

Tune In from Anywhere: Fashion Week Goes Digital

Julienne Lin
Feb 9, 2012

Last year we shared how you could tap into Fashion Week both on the go and in the comfort of your home. Fashion brands are not shy when it comes to embracing digital and we're looking to tune into Fashion Week again this week without physically having to be in New York. We're especially excited about the new MADE app.

Just like last year, you can stay connected and follow your favorite fashion designers with a variety of social media outlets including Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Once again Mercedes Benz is responsible for putting the show together, so their Twitter account will be a useful one to follow. Here's a list of who we're following on Twitter to keep up with the shows:

@MBFashionWeek - Fashion Week sponsor
@DerekBlasberg - fashion writer, editor, author
@karlie_kloss - model
@CNFashion - Conde Nast beauty editors
@Cynthia_Rowley - one of our favorite designers

You can also follow the hashtag #NYFW to get a stream of updates from multiple sources if you like a mix.

We already follow oscar pr girl, dkny pr girl and Eva Chen (Teen Vongue's beauty editor) on Tumblr and they are sure to deliver good eye candy and news during Fashion Week.

If we had to choose one designer to follow on Instagram, it would have to be katespadeny. We also like:

Frommetoyoujamie - NY photographer and writer
Manrepeller - blogger and taste maker
Tu_ly - creative director and fashion designer

Once again you can watch all the runway shows on YouTube, which will be hosting a live stream. Mashable has the full schedule here.

The newest way to catch Fashion Week digitally is an app called MADE Fashion Week. It's a handy app for both people physically at the runway and people watching the show at home. The MADE app is equipped with sound technology by Sonic that listens to specific sound waves playing from the speakers at the shows.

Judging by the sound, the app then shows a photograph of which outfits is currently on the runway along with a biography and contact info on the designer. Users can then share that image through their social media channel of choice. How cool is that?! This way you can save looks to your phone and avoid the hassle of taking notes. You can have an archive of your favorite looks right on your phone.

Images: Julienne Lin

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