We are awash in baskets, buckets, totes and bins. You can't walk 3 steps without bumping into one. It started out as a great organizational strategy but has become an eye sore AND a waste of floor space. To free up some of that valuable real estate on the floor, I am thinking I will hang some of the baskets and bins on the wall.

Shown Above:

• Little Blue Roo via Poppy Talk.

• On the left: Here is a cool DIY project for hanging baskets from Women's Day. And on the right: I'm Busy Procrastinating. Why take up crucial bathroom floor space with baskets when they can be hung so easily?

In My House via Poppy Talk.

Livet Hemna for IKEA.

Storage Geek. A cute way to keep kids' stuff off the floor.

(Images: As credited above)