Get Out & Explore! Find Your City's Best Sunset Watching Spot

Get Out & Explore! Find Your City's Best Sunset Watching Spot

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 7, 2014
(Image credit: Adrienne Breaux)

Watching the sunset standing in a particularly picturesque spot while on vacation is a magical thing. But in our opinion, a sunset anywhere is nearly always worth seeking out and stopping for! And you don't have to buy a plane ticket to find a great spot to watch the sun go down.

Ask your Facebook buddies where their favorite spots to catch the sunset in your city are. Google for new ideas. Look at a map to see if there are any interesting spots like a marina, publicly accessible tall building, lake or even open field to catch a sunset. This weekend, go on the hunt for a sunset spot that can be your secret to seizing the end of the day, any day.

Tips for maximizing sunset awesomeness:

  • Google the exact time of the sunset in your area on a particular day, and show up in your spot 30 minutes to an hour earlier than the sunset time to settle in for the show
  • Bring a blanket or comfy seat if there won't be any
  • Consider a drink or snack to nibble on
  • In case you didn't know, sunsets are incredibly romantic and perfect to take someone special to
  • Occasionally spend a sunset just enjoying it — not photographing it!

Follow along with all of our Get Out & Explore! ideas:

Do you have a super special secret sunset spot in your city you'd like to give up in the comments below?

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