Get Out & Explore! This Weekend Search for a New Sweet Treat Spot

Get Out & Explore! This Weekend Search for a New Sweet Treat Spot

Adrienne Breaux
May 24, 2014
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Along with posts that give you different methods to explore the world around you during Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer, we'll also be providing you with trip-sparking ideas each weekend to kick-start your exploring spirit and help you discover something new and fun where you live. So let's start the summer off right, shall we?

This week's trip sparking assignment is to find a new spot for cool and sweet treats (a vital component to any hot summer!).

You might already have an idea for an ice cream shop in mind that you've been meaning to try, and if you do — go explore it! But also think about hopping onto Yelp to find some highly rated sweet treat spots to try.

Don't be afraid to narrow down your possible choices by atmosphere, either — there's nothing wrong with loving the ice cream shop that happens to have the more charming interior. But also search for those spots that might be in walking or biking distance of your home (especially if you plan on visiting very often!)

If you're not into cold sweet treats like ice cream, a fun little bakery with cookies or cupcakes is a perfectly acceptable place to seek out summer treating. And please don't forget about the glorious snow cone stand (or snow ball, depending on what your region calls it).

The main point of this trip sparking assignment is to find a new place but also to find a new your place — the kind of spot you might like to return to when you need to feel like you're experiencing summer to its fullest.

So share your favorite sweet treat spot you know for sure is a winner (don't forget to share the city it's in, of course) in the comments below! Or if you try out this assignment, share the results of what you discovered! And most of all, have a sweet weekend!
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