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In preparation for the Oscars, one of the movies that I crossed off my list recently was American Hustle. I was inspired by the movie’s lush 1970s sets and costumes, and wanted to create a couple of looks for a living room that reflected the great style of this movie and era.

This movie’s style is both glamour and kitsch, both mystery and comedy. In fact, one of the themes of the movie seems to be this juxtaposition of two contrasting elements: sour versus sweet, city life versus suburbia, truth versus lies. In this same vein, the movie presents two very different female leads: Rosalyn Rosenfeld, played by Jennifer Lawrence, and Sydney Prosser, played by Amy Adams. Each of their living rooms in the movie reflects their very different styles and provides tons of inspiration.

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)
(Image credit: Christine Lu)

Rosalyn’s home is a one-level ranch, and her living room is decorated with blues, golds and browns. Becker said that they included a red velvet sofa which deliberately throws off the color scheme because Rosayln’s decorating style is “maximalist and brash, suitably a little off-kilter to go with her zany personality.” Becker stated that she considered textures like Lucite, chrome, brass, flocking, burled woods, travertine, and Mylar when putting this room together. I borrowed the color scheme of blues, golds and browns, and added zany elements to create an updated look for a living room inspired by Rosayln’s living room.

Rosalyn Inspired Living Room:

  1. Cole Stool by Made Goods
  2. Up Three Seater Sofa by Artless in Deep Blue Blue
  3. Brutal wall hanging sculpture
  4. Coffee Table, attrib. to Romeo Rega
  5. Flux wall paper by Jill Malek
  6. Savannah Story Bust, Zebra by Anthropologie
  7. Pascal Mourgue Fabio Lounge Chair for Steiner France
  8. Sheepskin Shag Rug by Joss & Main
(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)

Sydney’s living room is in an apartment on the upper east side, and is much more shiny and glossy, reflecting a more urban and modern style. The room has grass cloth wall coverings, light-wood parquet floors, and a thick white rug with a white sofa and chairs. Becker stated that her apartment is “more timeless, elegant, and in line with contemporary tastes” in order to reflect Sydney’s style and aspirations.

(Image credit: Columbia Pictures)
(Image credit: Christine Lu)

Sydney Inspired Living Room:

  1. Mid-Century Dresser by Furniture Guild of California
  2. Whitney Modern Ivory Leather Sofa Loveseat
  3. Ficus plant
  4. 1970s Coffee Table by Guy Lefèvre
  5. Kagan Style Walnut Framed Atomic Upholstered Lounge Chair by Pearsall
  6. Bryant Light with Metal Shade from School House Electric
  7. Silken Currents Pillow by Anthropologie
  8. Basin Floor Lamp