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If you've dreamt of making a claim to the Iron Throne and have $30,000 at your disposal, here's your chance. We've already shared rooms fit for a king and queen of Westeros, inspired by Game of Thrones, but what about where to plot and strategize? Here's a home study worthy of Tyrion, Tywin, and maybe even that shifty Littlefinger.

With Season 3 well under way, it's clear that everyone throughout Westeros is plotting and maneuvering like game pieces on a board. It will be quite a while before we know who will eventually become king or queen, but for the characters who aren't on the road, they're busy plotting and planning for war.

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The Starks are plotting a takeover, while the Lannisters are holding down the Seven Kingdoms by bankrolling everything on their own. Daenerys Targaryen is trying to buy and army and everyone else is basically trying to stay alive. 

If you have a love of fantasy worlds and medieval battles, then this study/office should make you feel like a rightful heir. And of course, a few appropriate finishing touches never hurt, while also showing your house allegiance before you set yourself upon your throne.

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Here's how you can get this look:

  1. Life Size Replica Iron Throne ($30,000)
  2. Animal Grizzly Bear Rug ($178.49)
  3. Registry Writing Desk in Amber Pine ($186.99)
  4. Dragon Egg Paperweight ($44.99)
  5. Medieval Knight Metal Chess Set ($47.66)
  6. Sword Letter Opener ($4.71)
  7. Map of Westeros ($149.99)

(Photo Credit: HBO and vendors listed above)

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