Get This Look: Greek Themed Decor

Aaron, Abby and Grace's recent posts on Greek themed decor got us thinking about how often we've been seeing Doric columns and Greek Key motifs popping up lately. Hercules And Love Affair, Hood By Air, and new downtown club Santo's Party House have all incorporated Greek elements into their artwork or interiors. After the jump, a brief round-up of related products...

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Clockwise from upper left: Brutalist Dining Table, $1,450 through Magis Gallery; Greek Key Rug, $600 through Jonathan Adler; Resin Greek Column, $45.99 through Home Depot; Parthenon Horse Head on Marble Base, $63.99 through Ancient Art & Collectables; Greek Key Circular Rug, $600 through Jonathan Adler; Solid Oak Greek Key Bench, $5,000 through Paul Marra; Thomas O'Brien Greek Key Towel Set, through Target; 19th Century Wooden Columns, $2,970 through 1stDibs.