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I will never grow out of Professor Layton games. In fact, I even thought about buying a Nintendo 3DS just so I could play the newest game in the series, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. Instead, I thought I'd dream up a quiet, grown-up gaming room inspired by this puzzling game.
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If you aren't familiar with the Layton series, the Professor and his companion, Luke, set out to solve mysteries while you, as the player, help them work out a variety of mind games that help to unlock new clues. Layton and Luke are British, so there's plenty of stopping for tea and riding on trains, too.
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As a handheld gamer, there's really nothing better than a quiet corner in my office with a cup of tea for a long-puzzling session. In the third game of the series, Professor Layton and the Unwound Future, there's a lot of clocks and the trickery of time moving forward, so this quiet gaming spot captures many of those ideas. If you aren't familiar with the game, I can't recommend it enough.
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Here's how you can get this look:
  1. Infinity Gears Clock ($39.95)
  2. Anthropologie Parlor Curtains ($148)
  3. Pharmacy Floor Lamp ($169.99)
  4. Settee Love Seat ($299)
  5. Minimal Layton Pillow ($20)
  6. Kitsune Toss Pillow ($24.99)
  7. Orange Tea Kettle ($19.99)
  8. Moorish Pattern Ceramic Lamp ($129.99)
  9. Land of Nod Circulation Desk ($799)
  10. Hand Woven Cream Rug ($233.74)

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