Get This Look: Skyfall

Get This Look: Skyfall

Elizabeth Giorgi
Mar 20, 2013

Now that Skyfall has officially made its way to Blu-ray and DVD, I've had a chance to re-watch the latest James Bond flick and gawk at all of the beautiful... work spaces. What, did you expect me to say Daniel Craig?

There's two distinct looks in Skyfall that really captured my attention. The first was M's office, which seemed perfect for Dame Judi Dench's role. It was hi-tech, but the foundation was very old school English, with paneling on all the walls and arched windows. It's classic Britain meets hi-tech intelligence.

When operations go underground after an explosive attack, the design gets considerably more cutting edge. The new work space functions as a command center, and as such, it's more sleek and focused on functionality. Of course, our favorite Union Jack draped dog had to come along for the ride too. 

Did you notice that hardly anyone sits at their desk for the entirety of the film? I opted to use a standing desk in my re-creation as an homage to the high-paced (less well-heeled agents can make a standing desk for $22), adrenaline rush work of Bond and company.

Here's how you can get this look:

  1. Altra Bobbi Standing Desk ($108.99)
  2. Sony Vaio S Laptop ($799)
  3. Grey Union Jack Area Rug ($374.91)
  4. Samsung Smart Content Slim 50" LED TV ($1,157.05)
  5. Avaya Sip Conference Phone ($69.99)
  6. Royal Doulton Bulldog ($70)
  7. Wainscoting 8 ft. Paneling Kit (Depends on design)

(Images: Stills from Eon Pictures, product images as credited above)

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