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If you've seen the new Star Trek Into Darkness, you know two things: 1. John Harrison is not who he says he is, and 2. the sets are seriously drool worthy. So although I won't be boarding the Enterprise any time soon, that doesn't mean I can't borrow some of set design as inspiration to go boldly...well, you know.

The whole "space chic" look is really a big trend right now. From moon rugs to constellation art, there's something related to space exploration for nearly every room in the house.

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When it comes to technology in Star Trek, it's all about touch screens. If you're a (very) serious and skilled woodworker, you might be able to build some furniture to seamlessly incorporate a tablet or touchscreen ultrabook into your home, like the insanely detailed Next Generation Star Trek Home Theater showcased at Electronic House from a few years back:

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But if you're not so DIY skilled or motivated, then using sleek white furniture and leather executive chairs can set off your high tech gear with hints of the futuristic Starfleet style.

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Here's how to get this Star Trek Into Darkness inspired home office:

  1. Executive Chair ($208.49)
  2. Gilbert White/Chrome Desk ($329.79)
  3. Wrath of Khan Communicator ($28.94)
  4. Vizio 24-inch Touch Screen All-in-One ($1,279.00)
  5. Luna Rug ($2,800.00)
  6. Samsung 65" TouchScreen Monitor ($7,129.00)
  7. Moravian Star Light Fixture ($194.60)
(Images: Bad Robot; Electronic House; as linked above)