Get Your Garden On!

Get Your Garden On!

Mat Sanders
Jul 30, 2011

It's still prime gardening season, so if the weather permits, get out there and plant, prune and peel away! To assist all those with green thumbs, check out this weekend guide filled with great resources and information for all your gardening needs. Read on for the full list.

  1. U.S. Urban Farm Guide: Coast to Coast
  2. Shaker Garden Shed: Get the Look
  3. Container Gardening for Beginners: Shopping Guide
  4. 10 Planters & Container Gardens for Beginners
  5. //">Best Out of the Ordinary Garden Stores

6. Indoor Gardens for Small Spaces
7. Budget Sources for Outdoor Furniture
8. Best Indoor Outdoor Lighting Stores
9. How to Shop for a Green Roof
10. How To Start a Container Garden

Image: City Garden Farms, Portland

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