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One of the things that make tablets so awesome is the fact that they are not computers. One of the things that makes file management such a chore on tablets is the fact that they are not computers. Following up on the cloud storage app roundup from last week, here are some apps to help make getting stuff on and off your iPad and Android tablet easy-peasy...

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iFiles: One of the best looking file browser apps out there, this app lets you add connections to WebDav as well as an array of cloud services like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Box, and SugarSync. It's easy to upload photos and videos to these services as well as move files between them which is a benefit of using an app like this as opposed to using a different app for every cloud service. $3.99

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WebDav Nav+: Unlike the free version of this app, you can upload multiple photos simultaneously. As the name implies it is for WebDav, and as anyone who has used any of the iWork apps on the iPad knows, WebDav is one of the few ways of getting documents off your iPad wirelessly outside of iCloud or emailing them. Although iWork on the iPad lets you move things to WebDav, in order to get them off of your WebDav server, you would need an app like this or iFiles. Free, $3.99

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ES File Explorer: We discovered both this app, as well as the next one on our list from reader Red Five who uses it to move files between local storage, cloud storage, and FTP/SFTP servers just to name a few. Unlike iOS, Android does let you do more than just move photos and videos off of your device. It's awesome, as iOS users, to see the file structure of our tablets when using Android with this app. Free

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FolderSync: Red Five uses this app to have local access to certain documents that are stored in the cloud (including WebDav) and has configured certain folders to have a 2-way sync. This means that any changes that are done on the tablet are echoed in the cloud and the same goes from the cloud to the tablet once the device has signal. Free, $2.29

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Honourable Mention
Otixo: While not an app yet, web based Otixo corrals WebDav and various cloud storage platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive and lets you move files easily between them as well as create folders that pull from multiple sources that you can collaborate in with others inside of Workspaces. This is great for having a folder of photos & videos that various friends can add to, easily dragging media from their different cloud accounts and having it all in one location that can be accessed by the entire group.

As you can tell by this post, we found the suggestions made by our community in previous posts to be quite useful. What are the apps that you (especially you iPad users) use to move content wirelessly on and off your tablet?

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