Getting Psyched Up: Dress On Display

Getting Psyched Up: Dress On Display

Tess Wilson
Sep 25, 2012

In one week, I'll be attending an event I'm rather nervous about: lots of new people, potentially fraught interactions, and a lot of unknowns. And so, like a little kid before her first day of school, I've laid out my clothes to give me a bit of confidence. One less unknown, and a reminder that amidst all the nervousness, I'm excited, too…

Walking past my dress every day makes me feel like, "Okay, whatever else happens, however I'm received, however charming or awkward I end up being, at least I'll be clothed appropriately. Pulled together, nothing falling off, nothing stained or ripped (knock on wood), comfortable-enough shoes if there's lots of standing, and a wrap if it's cold. Let's do this." Of course, this would all still be true if my outfit was tucked away in the closet as usual, but something about seeing it encourages me to give myself a tiny psych-up speech every time.

The other benefit is that I get to gaze at my beloved new (used) dress! It sure does pretty up the place. The thing about clothes is that you don't really get to see them while you're wearing them, and I think many of us own at least one piece we consider the artistic equal of our favorite painting or sculpture.

Do you lay out your clothes the night (or week) before an important event like a job interview or date? Does it help calm your nerves? Or would doing so make you more stressed, and you'd rather not dwell on it?

(Image: Tess Wilson)

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