Ideas for Getting a Sleeper Sofa into Apartment with Small Doorway Clearance?

Ideas for Getting a Sleeper Sofa into Apartment with Small Doorway Clearance?

Regina Yunghans
Nov 26, 2012
Q: I have a problem that is proving rather difficult to solve. We just moved into a great apartment with a large living room and we need a sleeper sofa! The problem is that the hallway/landing/door are all VERY narrow -- the door is standard height, but 28" wide, and the landing is only about 2.5' square...

...Aside from the struggle of winding an assembled (and heavy!) sleeper sofa around the 4 flights of stairs, it has proven impossible to get one through the door. [Seriously, it's tiny. The couch would have to be not much wider/deeper than the 28" of the door, and only a few inches taller in order to fit because there is no room to angle the couch through the door.] Of course, we could get a tiny sofa I suppose, but the room is rather large, and needs a normal-sized one:

Aside from a futon (ugh college), I think the only option is to get a couch that comes disassembled, a couch-in-a-box if you will. The KARLSTAD sofa bed from IKEA is great style-wise (and obviously price-wise) but I'd love to get something of a little higher quality if possible.

Are there any companies out there that make couches that come disassembled?

I'd appreciate any info!

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