Giant Outdoor Connect Four

Giant Outdoor Connect Four

Heather Blaha
Jul 1, 2009

Um, Connect Four occupied us for hours and hours as a kid! If you've got kids who also go for old school games, this giant version brings a new outdoor large-scale twist to the experience. Although it seems a bit crazy to spend nearly $200 on a game that doesn't need to be big, if you've got outdoor space and don't want to play bocce or run through the sprinkler every day, this could be a fun thing for summer family get togethers. The "real" thing from Hasbro is only available in the UK, but...

...a generic version is vailable through Amazon for $39.99 (Pressman Giant Garden Four In A Row):

Four variations on Connect Four available in UK here (priced from £99 for a giant wood generic to £162.90 for the real Hasbro licensed game).
For something like this, we say go cheap or go home!

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