Gift Guide: Every Room Gets a (Local) Gift from AT:CHI Editor Heather

Gift Guide: Every Room Gets a (Local) Gift from AT:CHI Editor Heather

Heather Blaha
Dec 17, 2007

Sometimes what helps define a person and his/her tastes is knowing what part of the home they adore the most. Is your [insert sister, friend, husband, mother, etc. here] most excited to whip up some magic in the kitchen? to throw fantastic dinner parties? swoon over something new for the bedroom? take the longest baths possible? happy to lounge in the living room? We pulled together some top picks for every room in the home - all from local shops in Chicago.

Watch for gift guides this December from each of our Editors at AT:Chicago.

Bedroom: A mohair throw like these from Jayson Home and Garden is one of those luxurious, useful gifts you'll have forever. The $250 price tag means one may be hesitant to splurge on their own, so we think it makes a great gift for the bigger gift budget.

Bathroom: For a great gift, spa-like indulgences are better than, say, a shower curtain. These Kobo candles are some of the best; and the sublime packaging makes them feel special enough to gift. Available at Sprout for $33.

Kitchen: For foodies and chefs, The Chopping Block is a great resource for classes, ideas, and cooking stuff. Best bet: go for a gift card so your lovable chef can choose among the best and most well-suited.

Living Room: You may not be able to perfectly nail another's living room taste, but picture frames are a great, useful gift, and an easy enough thing to match someone else's style. The Arrange Frame from Chiasso is five-in-one - and a great looking combo: "It's a unique piece that uses the concepts of repetition and dimension to create a unified display of your favorite images." The set of five runs $68.

Dining Room: Bottles of beer, good wine and cheese are all party staples. We picked two great items from Porte Rouge including this $10 stainless steel bottle opener (so slick!) and on the opposite end of the price spectrum, this rich-looking pewter and wood cheese tray for $284.

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