19 Stylin' Gifts from Apartment Therapy Posts

19 Stylin' Gifts from Apartment Therapy Posts

Lindsey Roberts
Nov 27, 2009

Look no further than these 19 options from our archives for unique and tasteful gifts. Of course, the problem with giving home décor is that you have to have some sense of the giftee's taste, so we aimed for objects that transcend style — to make a friend, family member or coworker happy.

1 Tea towel from Studiopatró over wine bottle, from Five Other Uses for Tea Towels, $22 each

2 Kaars Koker candlesticks from Houndstooth for the Home, $14-16 for the sleeves, $24 per candlestick

3 Colour Chart Bag from The Pixelated Projects of Christian Zuzunaga, £29.36

4 The Photo Book from Stylish Gifts to Entertain Guests, $6.95-$223.37, used

5 CB2 Cuatro five-piece serving dishes from Affordable Cocktail Party Basics to Keep on Hand, $22.75

6 Dwell Gate coasters from 10 Ideas for Host & Hostess Gifts, $24 for four

7 Rosanna Rococo Noir large pedestal from Roundup: Cake Stands for the Holidays, $45

8 Fred & Friends Unzipped Glass Bowl from Playful Party Accessories from Fred & Friends

9 Russel Wright American Modern pitcher from Russel Wright American Modern Line Reissued, $75