Gift Idea: Hatch Show Print

Gift Idea: Hatch Show Print

Nov 27, 2006

Tis' the season of parties and spirits. If you are someone who likes to give a little to the hostess [we hope that you do it's such nice etiquette] here's a bottle of wine that's super stylie, tasty and won't break the bank at $12.99.

We found "The Show" wine at Cost Plus World Market recently and stopped in our tracks at the label. "Wow that really looks like the work of Hatch Show Print" we thought to ourselves. Once we picked up the bottle and read that they had collaborated on the label design and we were sold regardless of how it tasted. [Surprisingly, it was good]

If you're not familiar with Hatch Show Print we suggest you mosey on over to take a look. Attached to the Grand Ole Opry, Hatch has been making groovy concert posters for years. Using vintage wood block type and hand cut linoleum the prints are hand set, and individually drawn through the press. They are fantastic looking and a part of print and music history as well. Come to think about it a poster would make a swell gift as well.

The wine is bottled by Rebel Wine in St. Helena, Napa County but when we did a Google search on them we couldn't find anything. If you're hip to the scene check with your local Cost Plus Market as product may be limited to certain regions or stores.

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