Gifts for Budding Musicians

Gifts for Budding Musicians

Richard Popovic
Dec 9, 2011

I still remember seeing my first guitar, tied with a bow and nestled amongst the packages on Christmas morning. That cheap guitar from Sears started me on a lifelong path that I have never once regretted. Maybe you can start someone on their own musical journey this holiday season. Here are a few ideas to get you going.


2 Child Size Conga Drum, $49.95 from For Small Hands: Leave the cheap plastic drums in the dust with this authentic conga and get that distinctive 'thwonk!'

3 Chimalong, $39.95 from mini Jake: A versatile percussion instrument that lets you play in two keys and is brightly labeled for ease of learning.

4 Haba Big Sound Workshop, $55 from The Met Store: A whole world of sound awaits you in this colorful collection.

5 15 Chord Autoharp, $243.99 from Instrument Alley: Autoharps have been around a long time and are recently enjoying a resurgence in popularity. An easy to play instrument that sounds timeless and allows kids to quickly progress to playing backing chords for songs.


6 Kids Harmonica Package, $17 from Amazon: Nothing beats a harmonica for portable musical fun. Harmonicas a a quintessential stocking stuffer and are a great first instrument to try.

7 Water Flutes, $16 from SFMOMA Museum Store: An instrument that can be used in the bath tub! Different tones can be created by adjusting the water levels, adding a bit of science to the music lesson.

8 Otamatone, $35 from MOMA Store: A truly unique electronic instrument that looks as cool as it sounds.

9 Snark Instrument Tuner, $24.99 from Sam Ash Direct: A colorful little clip-on tuner that will keep the kids' string instruments in tune, so the same three chords or run of notes hour after hour will drive you a little less crazy.

10 Saga Electric Guitar Kit, $168.99 from Amazon: Here's a project for the older kids, one that will not only produce a decent electric guitar but also expand the builder's knowledge of how guitars actually work.

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