Gifts for Little Builders & Makers

Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012

Little builders are eager to experiment with new materials to create playscapes and structures. Architecturally inclined kids will love these toys that emphasize construction and open-ended play.

1. Habitadule ($69.99, Hearth Song)

2. Magna-Tiles ($49.95-129.95, Lakeshore Learning)

3. Quadrilla Twist and Rail Set ($149.95, Fat Brain Toys)

4. Tobbles ($25, MOMA Store)

5. 4D Cityscape New York City, London, and Paris Puzzle Set ($99.95, Metropolitan Museum of Art Store)

6. Tegu Mahogany Explorer Set ($125, Tegu)

7. Nanoblock Empire State Building ($47.50, The Future Perfect)

8. Modular Tree House ($88, Etsy seller Manzanita Kids)

9. 3D Puzzle Fairytale Castle ($12.50, Muji)

10. Recycled Paper Building Kit ($39.98, Magic Cabin)

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