Gifts for Super Heroes

Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012

As much as it is fun and probably the right thing to do to have kids make their own super hero accessories, sometimes there is a pressing need to play with a certain laser beam that can't be satisfied by any glue and paper in the world.

Hence, a few toys that any self respecting little kid hero wanna be seems to absolutely need (says the mother of a 5 year old Batman/Spiderman/Ironman/Zorro/Sometimes-Darth-Vader-Because-Bad-Guys-Are-Cool):

1. The Super Why Letter Game ($13.10, Kmart)

2. Design Your Own Superhero Cape Kit ($39.99, Magic Beans)

3. Spiderman FX Gloves ($16.99, Toys R Us)

4. Batman Raincoat ($48.99,

5. Iron Man Cardboard Stand up to protect the bedroom ($35.99

6. Superhero Capes with Masks ($25, HandmadeHaley on Etsy)

7. Thor's hammer ($20, Gensquared on Etsy)

8. Captain America's Shield ($8.49, Amazon)

9. Thor's Helmet ($8.74, Amazon)

10. Iron Man Gloves ($9.99, Target)

(images as linked above)

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