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As much as it is fun and probably the right thing to do to have kids make their own super hero accessories, sometimes there is a pressing need to play with a certain laser beam that can't be satisfied by any glue and paper in the world.

Hence, a few toys that any self respecting little kid hero wanna be seems to absolutely need (says the mother of a 5 year old Batman/Spiderman/Ironman/Zorro/Sometimes-Darth-Vader-Because-Bad-Guys-Are-Cool):

1. The Super Why Letter Game ($13.10, Kmart)

2. Design Your Own Superhero Cape Kit ($39.99, Magic Beans)

3. Spiderman FX Gloves ($16.99, Toys R Us)

4. Batman Raincoat ($48.99, SimplySuperHeroes.com)

5. Iron Man Cardboard Stand up to protect the bedroom ($35.99 SuperHeroStuff.com)

6. Superhero Capes with Masks ($25, HandmadeHaley on Etsy)

7. Thor's hammer ($20, Gensquared on Etsy)

8. Captain America's Shield ($8.49, Amazon)

9. Thor's Helmet ($8.74, Amazon)

10. Iron Man Gloves ($9.99, Target)

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