Gifts for Under $1


As part of their Holiday coverage, Domino sent out their online producer, Katy Elliott to find gift ideas for under ONE dollar. Now, even for the thrifty, that is a tall order. How did she fare? Not bad at all. Jump below for some of her more home-y ideas...

Ideas shown above (clockwise from top left):

  • Pearl River dishware - everything shown in the photo is $1 or less...and to avoid shipping to Chicago, just check out Chinatown for similar deals.
  • Carefully chosen used books are great gifts (and can also provide nice illustrations for framing).
  • Make throw pillows (inspired by Ruth Cross) from thrift store sweaters.
  • Frame hip (or maybe decidedly NON hip) vintage record covers for wall art.

    Check out the full slideshow for all the ideas right here.

    Photos: Katy Elliott/Domino