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After unwrapping all the presents, when everything gets a little chaotic, it's reassuring to see our over-stimulated kids run outside to work out that anxious energy. When it's time to upgrade our winter outdoor toys, the Holidays are a great opportunity to bring in these new additions.

1. Snowman kit ($12.49, Restauration Hardware)

2. Foam Sled ($28.99, Overstock.com)

3. Winter Fun House ($78.79, Fat Brain Toys)

4. Monster Dino Snow Shoes ($19.95, VM Innovations)

5. Snow Castle Building Kit ($26.99, Toys R Us)

6. Sno Friends Kit ($19.52, Wayfair)

7. PT Blaster Sled ($64.98, Sleds.com)

8. Slope Slider ($24.95, LLBean)

9. Snow Dino Kit ($9.95, Amazon.com)

10. Snow Ball Maker ($5.57, One Step Ahead)

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