Encircled by Heritage in Giovanni & Matteo's Room

My Room

Name: Giovanni (9) and Matteo (6)
Location: Temecula, California

I wanted this space to reflect my children's character and heritage. We have the West Coast/Midwest design, the Italy maps and globes to represent their father’s family who all live in Italy and the Luchador artwork that I created as a salute to our past lives when we resided in Mexico for 4 years.  

Also, the guitars and drums represent their father and grandfather who are both established musicians and the reading nook highlights Children Inspire Design’s USA Travel Map and Fresh Words Market's California Map, so they can mark all the places we've visited in the US and their own state. 

So in the end, the room really tells the story of who they are and where they come from.

Thanks, Rebecca! Readers, you can find Rebecca at Children Inspire Design and Fresh Words Market.

(Images: Rebecca Peragine)


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