Blogger Lisa Dickinson of Gettin' By transformed a dresser with quirky knobs.
(Image credit: Gettin' By)

Do you have a piece of furniture that is perfectly functional but could use a little makeover? I think we all agree that paint is probably the master of transformation in this department, but if you don't want to get your hands dirty, consider a hardware update. Maybe both if you're really ambitious! Hardware is like jewelry for your furniture, and like your favorite little black dress, you can easily change the look of your furniture with some new accessories.

Changing the hardware on your furniture is also a great way to take a more budget-friendly piece and elevate it to a more luxe look. Here are three groups of great hardware that can help you transform your piece.

If you have an antique piece that you love but want to modernize, or a simple piece that you want to glam up, try one of these modern classic styles.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

Find modern classics here:
1. Mother-of-Pearl Knob from Anthropologie, $14
2. Crescent Bin Pull from Rejuvenation, $12
3. Eclectic Ceramic Flower Knobs from PB Teen
4. Smedbo Beslagsboden Finger Grip Knob, $7.46 from Wayfair
5. Antler Melody Knob from Anthropologie, $14
6. Saturn Cabinet Knob with Star Backplate from Rejuvenation, $10
7. Deco Drawer Pull from Rejuvenation, $15
8. Burke Card Holder from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co, $5.40

Glass and ceramic pieces can also be classic or modern, and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They're a great option to add a pop of solid color.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

Find glass & ceramic hardware here:
1. Glass Bin Pulls from ATG Store, starting at $12.51
2. Distressed Turquoise Ceramic Diamond Knob from Hobby Lobby, $3.99
3. Pressed Flower Glass Knob, $6 from Urban Outfitters
4. Mercury Glass Knob, $6 from Urban Outfitters
5. Hexagonal Glass Bridge Pull from Rejuvenation, $10
6. Pink Swirl Acrylic Knob from Hobby Lobby, $4.99
7. Antique Milk Green Glass Knob from D. Lawless Hardware, $2.69

If you like your furniture to have a lot of personality, like you, then try a decorative option. These can really make a piece of furniture more of a conversation piece. If you're not ready to dress up your 9 drawer dresser just yet, try a one drawer side table for a pop of fun.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

Find decorative hardware here:
1. Floral Ceramic Knobs from World Market, $7.98 for a set of two
2. Alphabet Knobs from PB Teen, $10 ea
3. Lace-Strewn Knob from Anthropologie, $10
4. Romantic Bow Knob from ATG Stores, $13.46
5. Lion Ring Pull Drawer Knob, $12 from Pretty Ware on Etsy
6. Lulu Knob, $8 from Anthropologie
7. Retro Owl Wood Knob, $6.50 from Simple Finds Co. on Etsy
8. Rose Flower Vintage Wood Knobs, $15.45 from Chocolate Creative on Etsy

If you're having a hard time making up your mind, consider using an assortment, like the main photo above, from blogger Lisa Dickinson at Gettin' By. How fun is that? Either way, don't sweat it because if you change your mind or decor style it's such an easy change, so have fun with it.