Give Your Speakers A Makeover With Fabric

This fabulous before and after makeover falls into the category of, "Why didn't I think of that?" The results are fantastic and this simple and inexpensive upgrade will work for any speaker in your home. Best of all when your new diy additions get dusty, you can simply throw them in the wash!

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Claire over at Needlebook managed to get paint on her speaker covers. Doing her best to be frugal she came up with this super simple diy transformation using a few small pieces of fabric.

In brief, you simply remove the old fabric and apply new hipper material. If you want to have a little fun add some rhinestones. No we kid, instead simply say, "I'll take pleasure in guttin' you boy!" like Nick Cage in The Rock, when you rip off the fabric. It's not often you can do such things on purpose you know!

Once you've had your fun, your new speakers will look great and have a new look. You can change them out to match your decor, a holiday, or whenever it suits your fancy!

Check out the step-by-step tutorial over at Needle Book to check out more detailed pictures of the experience.

(via: Needlebook via Craftzine)
(Image: Needlebook)

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