Glass Bookcases: Pretty or Cluttered?

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Q: I have a corner where I'm going to put two bookcases. I've (finally!) narrowed the list down to IKEA's Liatorp. My apartment is right on the street, i.e., tons of black dust, so I am set on glass doors. The Liatorp bookshelf proper only has half-glass, half-paneled doors. But there's also a Liatorp display cabinet with all glass doors... but also all glass sides. The sides of the bookshelves will be visible — will it look too cluttered? Or will all the light shining through look pretty? I want it to look as built-in as possible—I'm not a big fan of open shelving. What should I do? (Maybe the shelves behind the panels could be for all the books I'm not too proud of...)

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