Glass Water Bottles by Love Bottle

Glass Water Bottles by Love Bottle

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 29, 2008

We love our SIGG. It's virtually indestructable, it's got a spiffy design, and it never makes out water taste funky. So we're not exactly in the market for a water bottle.

But we like these.

These Glass Water Bottles by Love Bottle ($15) are sort of adorable. Now, obviously, they aren't made for those of us who throw our bottle into the bottom of a bag and drag it around the city all day -- drop it on the floor at home, toss it into the basket on our bike, etc.

You get the picture. These are a little more fragile. But, because they are glass, you don't have to worry about anything leaching into your water. Also, Love Bottle gives a portion of their profit to both Global Water, an orgaization dedicated to getting clean water to thos who need it, and Clean Water Action.

Via Treehugger

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