There was plenty to see at the ABC Kids Expo this week in Las Vegas but I didn't expect to see so many new gliders and rockers heading to the marketplace. There are more choices than ever and while any would make a nice addition to a nursery or child's bedroom they're so stylish and comfortable that I'd expect many families (or people without kids) would want to add one to their living room or den.

1 The Joya Rocker is the newest addition to Monte's line of chairs that define modern family comfort. The wood base gives it a Mid-Century vibe and the small profile is ideal for smaller homes. It will be available in January in many colors.

2 & 3 Nurseryworks is adding a new glider and rocker to its collection and these additions will be priced considerably less than their existing chairs without sacrificing looks or comfort.

4 & 5 Last I looked Jennifer Delonge had a small (and lovely) collection of kids' chairs so seeing her hugely expanded offerings caught me off guard but in a really good way. She has four adult gliders currently for sale and is adding five more. Made in the USA, all glide and swivel a full 360 degrees.

We'll be sure to update you with more information when these gliders and rockers are ready for sale!

(Images: Carrie McBride)