Adding a Dash of the Nursery!

This is for all of you design aficionados and modern mavens who secretly like glitter. I put myself firmly in this camp. There has got to be a way to maintain our high design mystique, and yet honor the inner magpie at the same time. Even minimalists can like shiny things!

So how do we sprinkle some glitter magic into our decor without going off the deep end and glittering an entire wall? Or our shoes? If we have kids, the answer is so easy: add some glitter to their room. You can get away with all kinds of crazy in a kid's room! All of these glitter items are small, but dense, to give you maximum bang for your buck. Do your kids love glitter as much as mine?

  1. Glitter Paintings, Artist Kari Tarr
  2. Gold Rush Light Switch Covers, Art Zodiac
  3. Glitter Safari Giraffes, Wish Daisy
  4. Glitter Baby Banner, Confetti Design Shop
  5. Black and Gold Sequins Lampshade, Lichthaus on DaWanda
  6. DIY Glitter Lace Crowns, Hostess with the Mostess

(Images as linked above.)

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