GloMate Jr Night Light

We've been thinking about night lights lately, so when we saw the GloMate Jr, we were intrigued. A night light you can sleep with? Carry around? Pack for travel? We're in.

The GloMate Jr is a battery-operated, softly glowing light with several custom options. You can set the heat-free LEDs to various colors or allow them to cycle through the rainbow. The GloMate also has a 15 minute sleep timer mode so you can choose an automatic shut off if your child only needs it to fall asleep. Perhaps most unique, it's made from soft material so your child can keep it in bed. No cords also means you can easily take it when you travel, or your child can carry it around—to the bathroom at night, perhaps—when it's needed.

At $9.99 a pop, it's super affordable, too. Available at Mobi.

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