Go Fish: DIY Magnetic Fishing Game

Go Fish: DIY Magnetic Fishing Game

Beth Callaghan
Jun 4, 2014
(Image credit: Amber Purdy)

I'm not so into real fishing, with the boats and the bait and the slimy fish and all that. But I love felt fishing! With this simple tutorial, you can make a fun fishing game that can be used indoors or out, all year long.

Amber from Real Purdy designed this simple tutorial that can be customized for your child's age and interests. I love the idea of adding in a lone turtle that, when caught, makes you throw all your fish back! Use the simple idea of attaching a paper clip to the fish to make them magnetic, or if you want to get even more crafty, sew the clips inside a fish. Have your kids help you design the fish, and if you want to make a lesson out of it, you could even research different kinds of fish and replicate them in felt.

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