Go Green: Energy-Saving Hard Drives Roundup

Go Green: Energy-Saving Hard Drives Roundup

Anthony Nguyen
Jun 4, 2008

While some may argue having a "green" computer hard drive saves only a few dollars a year and is thus neglible, we beg to differ. Not only do these "green" models save energy, but they also cut down on noise and cooling required. Fortunately, the guys at Tom's Hardware took a bunch of these drives for a test run and here are the results...

It turns out after some extensive tests, the Hitachi Deskstar P7K500 and the Western Digital Caviar GP series are both great drives that will save you money and the environment. However, due to its consistent 7200RPM performance, the Hitachi model is highly recommended for operating system usage. On the other hand, because the WD model tends to drop down in speed to around 5400RPM to save more energy, using it for storage will be the wisest choice for this particular series. Either way, you'd be doing yourself and the environment a huge favor by going with greener hard drives in the long haul.

[via Tom's Hardware]

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